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A CHRISTMAS CAROL   ‘...sheer unadulterated pleasure... a great story beautifully told…I doubt you’ll find a better one anywhere.’  ***** The Times.    '...this fine Christmas show sends its audience out into the night exhilarated and thrilled’**** The Scotsman.     ‘A delight from start to finish.’ **** Manchester Evening News.   '...gloriously stirring... great-hearted'  *****Glasgow Herald.   ‘…the best version of A Christmas Carol I have ever seen.’ Northampton Chronicle

THE JUNGLE BOOK  '...excellent entertainment for bright kids - without in any way being patronising to adults.'  **** THE SUNDAY TIMES.   '...a totally captivating piece of theatre.'  THE SCOTSMAN.   '...a sheer delight.' LANCASHIRE EVENING POST.    '...they were empathising themselves out of their seats..." TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT.   '...a gem of a show.' DUNDEE COURIER.  '...a stunning succulent feast.' GLOUCESTER ECHO.   '...a rip-roaring success!  ST. ANDREWS CITIZEN

THE EMPEROR AND THE NIGHTINGALE   '...has the rare quality of being as entertaining for an adult as it is for a small child...A little treasure box of a show.' ****  THE GUARDIAN.   'I defy anyone not to be touched and delighted...Good stuff.'  SUNDAY TIMES.   '...a young audience and the adults accompanying them, are kept spellbound...Grab the nearest child and take to the M4'. LONDON EVENING STANDARD.    ' enthralling piece of theatre' THE STAGE.  'For any youngsters who may be experiencing a formative moment of live theatre, it could not be better’ BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE 

THE FIREBIRD  'Neil Duffield’s script is witty, wise and full of wonders... a really delightful show that crackles with life.' THE GUARDIAN.   ‘The audience positively erupts with joy at the finale. There is not a moment which isn’t magical.’ THE YORKSHIRE POST.   '...this wonderfully inventive, brilliantly staged show is a must.’ BIRMINGHAM POST.   ‘As intelligent, thrilling theatre, this is an outstanding show…a treat for the imagination.’ THE STAGE.    '...this inspired production' GLASGOW HERALD

THE SNOW QUEEN  '…children’s theatre at its best – and enough to keep the adults entertained too.' THE TIMES.   '...a quality show for potent that ancient symbols really seemed to work in new ways.' THE GUARDIAN.   '...simple, unaffected theatrical magic.' SUNDAY TIMES.  '... a sizzling seasonal show to melt the hearts of the whole family. What more could you ask?' MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS.

THE LOST WARRIOR  ‘Neil Duffield has fused a wondrous tale of Celtic myths with a story of everyday growing up in modern-era Ireland.' LANCASTER GUARDIAN.   'An audience mainly of youngsters was spellbound as the story unfolded’  LANCASHIRE EVENING POST.   '...a fresh, sparkling and mystical piece of primeval folklore for adults and children alike.' THE MORNING STAR.  'A first rate production.' THE STAGE


THE SECRET GARDEN  'Neil Duffield's adaptation is as faithful as it is light in touch...there is joy here, there is hope, and there is a startling level of pure magical transcendence.....An absolute 'must see'.' SUNDAY INDEPENDENT.    'The audience loved every minute of it.' IRISH TIMES.   '....holds an audience of children spellbound.' THE STAGE.   '...a thoughtful and picturesque production." CITY LIFE.

THE ARABIAN NIGHTS  'Duffield has interwoven the familiar and less familiar so you get a real sense of a never-ending story, and he has the gift of combining the accessible and down to earth with the mythic in a single sentence.' THE GUARDIAN.   'A good story, colourful and exciting, clearly told but with ingenious details. A treat.'  THE TIMES.  ‘Neil Duffield has the magic touch when it comes to dramatising myths and legends. He excels himself with this comic and enchanting story. THE STAGE


THE MACHINE STOPS  'An eerie, passionate adaptation’  **** THE GUARDIAN;  ‘beautifully done’… ‘a compelling piece of theatre’ **** YORKSHIRE POST;  ‘E M Forster’s novella is brought to chilling and claustrophobic life’ **** THE STAGE;  'A riveting glimpse of a future that's already here. **** DAILY MAIL;  'It feels like a warning, this prescient play' **** THE TIMES; ‘a brilliant show’ YORK PRESS; ‘stimulating and thought provoking’ BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE;  ‘an absolute gem’ A YOUNGER THEATRE;  ‘Neil Duffield’s script is intelligent, economical and stylistically consistent with Forster’s original.’ ***** REVIEWS HUB; 'Neil Duffield's adaptation of the novelist's prescient 1909 short story is impressively nimble'; *** OBSERVER;  ‘this beautiful adaptation’ **** NOUSE

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME  ‘In adapting the novel for the stage, Neil Duffield has remained remarkably faithful to the author's initial intention...a faultless production... Hugo would be well pleased.' THE MORNING STAR.  'This was a performance which clearly took the audience with it and which culminated in rapturous applause.' LANCASTER GUARDIAN

LILFORD MILL ‘Using as a backdrop the transfer of 2000 German prisoners from detention in a barracks in Templemore, County Tipperary, to a disused mill in Lancashire early in World War 1, the play concerns itself with the complex triangle of political relations between Ireland, Britain and Germany at that time – and how those relationships affected the lives of ordinary people from all three countries. Duffield tackles the ambitious task with great imagination and insight, backed by excellent research on both sides of the Irish sea. The result is a fine play.’ THE IRISH POST   ' extraordinarily moving and effective play, so dramatic that at times it is almost assaulting.’ THE GUARDIAN. 

TWICE UPON A TIME '...scripted by Neil Duffield, one of Britain's leading writers of youth theatre, and jointly devised and created by a company of more than 40 youngsters ...the obsessions of a generation raised on virtual reality are everywhere in the show... There's some serious thought here about storytelling, perception, imagination, and different realities; and a few fine performances, too, from a company whose outstanding commitment and energy shine through every line of this blazingly adventurous show.'  THE SCOTSMAN

THE MINOTAUR 'By linking two myths - which do, in any event, have connections - writer Neil Duffield has come up with an adventure for younger audiences which also works as an accessible study of the great classical themes - love, lust, betrayal and sibling rivalry. And by making the two central characters brothers, he not only manages to explore the emotional family bond but also looks at the important conflict between the physical, as represented by Theseus, and the intellectual Daedalus........a story that asks important and sophisticated questions about fate and self-determination.'  SHEFFIELD STAR

STRIPY TALES  '...weaves myth and nature together, capturing the essence of the jungle with its scamperings and cruelty as well as making enjoyable entertainment for young children.'  CITY LIFE

THE MAGIC STORY BOWL  'My daughter is not quite three and I did wonder whether it was perhaps a bit ambitious expecting her to sit through the one and three quarter hour production. I needn't have worried - she was totally absorbed throughout.'  BOLTON NEWS     ' enjoyable and spirited show.'  CITY LIFE

THE UGLY DUCKLING  '...a truly magical experience...never has a class of five year olds been so engrossed...a treat for all...absolutely spot-on.'  SHEFFIELD STAR